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Linkedin Automation Tips & Tricks

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LinkedIn automation starts with a Chrome browser extension you add to your local machine. This records profile search strings in LinkedIn, then tells your browser to automatically visit everybody in your search. It requires a Premium account to work.

With a Premium account, LinkedIn allows you to visit up to 800 profiles per day. You don’t have to visit this many, but that’s the maximum. The idea is if you visit somebody’s profile, a certain percentage will see you visited in the “who visited my profile” area, then visit you back and ask to connect. There is no way you’d do this in volume by hand each day, so using LinkedIn automation is an ideal application of some simple technology to get lots of profile views. It’s reciprocity at work.

Visiting hundreds of profiles manually each day would be impossible. But it’s not impossible for the browser extension software. In fact, this is a perfect application of simple technology to create a veritable lead generation engine.

The strategy starts with the initial search using Sales Navigator or Advanced Search. You want these searches to match your ideal target customer profile. This means doing a customer avatar or profile first, figuring out the keywords, locations, etc. You are defining the population of people to search for so they match your ideal customer profile. This means the people who visit you back and ask you to connect will automatically be in the ballpark for a potential sale.

Searches must match your ideal target customer profile or the invitations you get will be irrelevant. You need to determine which job titles, cities, keywords, etc. represent your best buyers, then concentrate searches on those. You also need to vary your searches each day or it will look repetitive. LinkedIn doesn’t like repetitive behavior and you could get dinged for it. If your market is large enough as most are, then you shouldn’t have any trouble finding enough target profiles to visit.

Most Sales Executive profiles miss the mark by a wide margin. So if you haven’t optimized your profile with this specific purpose in mind, it’s best to do that first before investing in LinkedIn automation.

You need to publish solid content — this means Posts and Updates. You should also comment and share other network members’ content, particularly if it’s relevant to your sales prospects. You don’t want to get sucked into political, racial or religious topics, even though a lot of them are in the stream these days. Make sure all content you touch is relevant to your potential buyer’s business, including any industry pains and solutions. This adds value and establishes you as a credible “go to” source of information in your network.

You need to publish in the stream and on your profile. That means posting updates to the stream, commenting on other updates and sharing good ones relevant to your business. You need a few Posts with nice images on your profile to demonstrate your skills or problems you solve.

Listing multiple interests is also useful. Do you like animals, sports and cars? How about public speaking, philanthropy and astronomy? The more interests you have listed in your profile, the more likely a second degree connection will find something in common with you and invite you to connect. That could be your next big deal!

Optimizing your profile so your sales prospects will get value from it is important before launching a LinkedIn automation effort. This will boost your results by 20-50% and it’s well worth the time spent.

Doing these activities will help LinkedIn automation work better overall, and create a self-reinforcing loop that grows your network and incoming sales leads steadily.

Using LinkedIn automation sporadically may give you short term benefits, but won’t result in continuous first-degree network growth of lots of ideal target customers. So you need to carve out time at least 3-4 times per week to really see exponential results.

It’s helpful to have a daily process checklist and make this part of your morning routine. This keeps you on track and helps keep you from falling into the social media content trap. You’re not on LinkedIn to waste time. You’re there to make sales!

Having LinkedIn Automation running in the background while you do your normal day-to-day sales prospecting and relationship management is the way to go. This effectively adds a second lead generation channel that works on its own while you do other things. You can always turn it off or pause it if you need to. Just make sure not to blow through LinkedIn’s daily 800 profile limit and you’ll be OK.

Using LinkedIn automation to onboard more ideal target customers is a highly effective strategy. Paired with this Ideal LinkedIn Daily Sales Checklist to build a “magic” sales strategy.

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