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Frequent Questions About Child Custody

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For those unfamiliar with the process, child custody is one issue they would just as soon not get involved with. Unfortunately, since divorce brings with it the difficult problems of child custody and other attendant conflicts, people are now needing to learn more about certain aspects of it.

These Magic Moments

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Mark became furious when his wife, Mindy, had an affair. “He’s a jerk!” Mark fumed. That “jerk” was doing the things for her that Mark used to do before they were married. Mr. Jerk gave Mindy the feelings of love and devotion that she had been missing from Mark. Mark was very much in love with his wife. Unfortunately the only time he showed her that side was when he was in the mood for sex. Even then it was nothing much but raw passion. He wasn’t able to save his marriage.

Does Marrying A Millionaire Work?

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One of the most successful businessmen in the world is notoriously unsuccessful at marriage. Donald Trump has consistently failed at marriage while he excels at making money and building his empire. He only cares about saving his relationship with what he truly loves – building, acquiring things, and accumulating riches. Brilliant in business, he has built a financial empire worth billions despite several bankruptcies.

Tips For Winning Child Custody, Part 1

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If you are caught up in divorce proceedings, it can be an very stressful experience, even when the divorce is friendly, and not filled with anger. When you have an uncontested divorce, the issues of child custody can usually be taken care of by mutual agreement, without lots of drama and disagreement. When a divorce is contested and filled with anger, however, the matter of who gets to have custody of the children can become a major combat zone. If you should find yourself involved in this kind of situation, there are certain things that you should try to do to help improve the odds that you will be able to win your struggle to be granted custody of your children.

I Forgive You, Ryan

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When he was introduced to Hailey, Ryan knew that she was the one. She wasn’t as gorgeous as a few he’d known, but that was all right. She was attractive, intelligent, and easy to get along with. She admired and respected him, too.

The Revolving Door Of Divorce – Marriage – Divorce – Marriage – Divorce – Divorce – Divorce

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Some people feel that if they never live with someone outside of marriage, it’s okay to divorce if their expectations aren’t met and then get married to someone else. Why bother to save a marriage if the going gets hard and, heaven forbid, if I can’t have things my own way? When their second marriage does not work out they get another divorce and move on to the next failed attempt.

Keys To Surviving An Affair

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Hailey hadn’t realized that Ryan had strayed, but she knew something wasn’t right between them. Did he love her anymore? She tried to remember the last time he told her so. Now it seemed he scarcely noticed her except when he wanted sex. She was scared. Really scared. Was she going to lose him?

What About When A Wife Hates Sex, Can You Save The Marriage?

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Jarod was muscular, handsome and ready to walk – away from his marriage. “My wife Christina really does hate sex,” he told us. “At least since our kids were born. Is there any way you can help me so I want to save this marriage instead of hitting the road?”

I Was Losing My Marriage

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Ethan, a professional man, was angry and calling his wife all sorts of names when he came to us. “She’s having an affair with a guy she met at a roller skating rink. I just found out.” Then he burst into tears. “What can I do? I love her. I want to save my marriage.” He swallowed hard. “I don’t understand. I’ve always been a good husband.”

Understanding Child Custody Laws

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When you and your spouse are involved in pursuing a divorce action, and you have children, it is extremely important to have an understanding of the child custody laws as they apply to your situation. These laws establish both the rights and obligations of the custodial and non-custodial parent. Being able to understand these laws can be difficult, so here are some thoughts that may help you in this process. If you understand what is involved in the custody process, it will help you minimize the impact the situation will have on your children.

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